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Epiphany // Uninvited Friends + Savvy Star-Gazers – ucad

Epiphany // Uninvited Friends + Savvy Star-Gazers

epiphany catholic reflection

Within the Japanese Orthodox custom, the fruits of Christmastide is widely known ultimately throughout the arrival of the Magi. Presents aren’t exchanged amongst households till the Christ-Baby would have acquired items Himself—by uninvited and savvy star-gazers anxious to reach the place the new child King could possibly be discovered.

They had been overjoyed at seeing the star, and on coming into the home they noticed the kid with Mary his mom. They prostrated themselves and did him homage. Then they opened their treasures and supplied him items of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. And having been warned in a dream to not return to Herod, they departed for his or her nation by one other method. // Matthew 2: 10-12

The Recurrence + Significance of Uninvited Friends

Scripture abounds with tales of uninvited company who seemingly pop up out of nowhere!

  • The marriage feast the place persons are invited from the freeway and hedgerows. // Luke 14:23
  • The lady who anointed Jesus’ toes with costly oil at desk. // John 12:3
  • Dinner at Matthew, the tax collector’s home. // Matthew 9:10
  • Abram and Sarai’s/Elizabeth and Zechariah’s reception of their long-awaited sons—company that arrived in sudden circumstances. // Genesis 18:1-15, -Luke 1:5-25
  • Jesus Himself arrived within the least seemingly method and stunned,Mary, Joseph, and the whole weary world together with them! // Luke 1: 26-38

It’s noteworthy that those that don’t fall inside the parameters of these on the “visitor listing” so steadily have one thing to show us about ourselves and concerning the nature of Who God is. So typically they’re met with related responses by different company. Specifically, that the God of the universe shouldn’t be practically as restricted as we’d enable ourselves to imagine… and that maybe we’re.


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Analyzing Our Visitor Lists

I’m wondering if Epiphany isn’t a chance to judge our visitor lists a bit. Will we embrace room to be stunned by others? By God? Do our encounters with others spark “a-ha moments” that invite us to like and serve God higher, or do they serve to maintain us snug in our echo chambers?

I do know which camp I’m prone to fall into most days. Good factor Creation ushered within the Church’s New 12 months, and there’s nonetheless loads of time so as to add to our resolutions. Epiphany to the rescue!

Our Personal Epiphany

Certainly one of my favourite particulars concerning the feast of Epiphany is that it’s a phrase that has been adopted into mainstream vernacular. It isn’t out of the query that we’d hear about an “epiphany” in a category dialogue, a enterprise technique assembly, or a religious route session. All of them indicate having made a discovery of serious significance, all stemming from this similar root expertise of the Magi themselves coming upon the Baby Jesus.

Every time I hear this phrase, I’m jolted again to this consciousness that God continues to be at work, weaving collectively the seemingly discombobulated facets of day by day life. 

Not solely does Epiphany prolong our Christmas-ing one other week past the twenty fifth, however I’d recommend that it does greater than that: it invitations us to a vibrant and rising life of religion that enables us to be stunned by the substantial issues that God reveals to us in unlikely locations. Mangers, dinner tables, Sacraments, timelines, lavish hospitality, deep devotion, household life, enterprise offers, charity work, and repentant hearts. 

By One other Means

The feast of Christmas continues on this Three Kings Day and it’s supposed to present us room to reach the place we’d not have anticipated to finish up, to have fun, and to be on our merry method, inspired and impressed by the Good Information of Emmanuel, God-with-us. Some would say this is the place the “work of Christmas” takes maintain.

In some methods, the 12-day Christmas celebration shouldn’t be one to lallygag and sit round waxing nostalgic, however a springboard into motion: to comply with the lead of the Magi who had been affirmed of their faithfulness, and returned to their dwelling in a really completely different method.

Would that all of us re-enter Abnormal Time “by one other method.”

In what method(s) do you hope to undertake the spirit of Epiphany on the shut of the Christmas season?


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